Greatness lies within us all and Grind Time Saturdays is here to help you unlock and embrace it!

What is Grind Time Saturdays (GTS)? GTS is a FREE workshop series aimed to help teens utilize their time by preparing for their future goals. Led by former student and motivational speaker, Heather Smith, the participants discuss a variety of topics surrounding the fact that education is the key to success.

How does Grind Time Saturdays inspire?  Engaging students in real-life scenarios , GTS ensures that the participants are prepared for such scenarios. The Grind Time Participants(GTPs) also engage in icebreaker activities that encourage them to get to know one another and allow them to  thrive in a team environment. The combination of the knowledge and skills gained through this workshop series will help the GTPs on their journeys to success. Don't be fooled, we learn together but we also have fun.

The journal that compliments the content of the series was written by Michael Mallery Jr, CEO of I'm So Educated ™ . "The founder has created a book that gives students success tips and strategies to become stronger scholars and citizens in life. Respect the S.W.A.G. is a one of a kind book that allows students to track their success, dream build, and develop skills to become better" . (Note : GTPs are gifted the journals upon request)

Who are the Grind Time Saturday Participants? Launched in the summer of 2014,  GTS has inspired the teens of Ville Platte, LA and the surrounding areas. Graduates have successfully embarked on their diverse journeys of success.

When are the Grind TIme Saturday sessions?  The bulk of GTS sessions are held during the summer. There is typically one session during the winter break called Halftime where participants have to self reflect on their progress during the school year and make plans to improve as needed. There is also a college edition session that is held in the fall.. The college session covers the college application process and the identifies summer program opportunities.

Why was Grind Time Saturday started? We started GTS to inspire the youth of our community to think beyond the limits set in front of them. We want to encourage, uplift, and propel the participants to actively prepare themselves for the goals that they set for themselves. The goals set by the GTPs will vary; however, all of them will require some form of education. In order to achieve these goals, GTPs must create a plan and execute it. GTPs are shown that age is not an excuse for unpreparedness  for the opportunities ahead. The sooner one identifies their purpose, creates their plan, and begins the execution of that plan , the sooner success can be obtained.

The grind (effort required to achieve a goal) can not be falsified but it must be genuine and consistent. Our purpose is to set the foundation and support the participants as they begin the GRIND TOWARDS GREATNESS.


Previously Covered Topics :

Importance of Education

Dreams , Money , Mentors

Becoming a Better Student

Funding and Embracing my Education

Face to Face with Professionals

From the Classroom to The Boardroom

Exploring your Options

College Prep Saturday : FASFA, ACT , Scholarships,  Admissions, Housing

Language Switching : Adapting to Your Environment

Half Time Session : Getting ready for the 2nd half!

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